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Owners Representative Services


Bulson offers Owner’s Representative and Project Management services. Clients come to us when they have construction or renovation projects for home or commercial, and we manage all day-to-day aspects from beginning to end as their advocate and representative.

Our goal is peace of mind for our clients – they can complete their renovation or new build without interrupting their lives.

What we do:

We represent the client on day-to-day activities and ensure that each project is scheduled correctly, sequenced correctly and that items are done on time and within the budget. We coordinate with financial managers, general contractors, designers, architects and city offices to streamline the process and to ensure the work is being done correctly. We identify cost savings as needed and negotiate and compile contracts as required.

Our services can be utilized to manage every phase of the process – pre-design, design, construction and post-occupancy.

Our client ranges from performers, celebrities, wealthy individuals, industry titans and everybody in between.

Our goal:

To provide exponential service and quality to our client’s needs.

We serve as the client’s advocate throughout the project which includes but is not limited to:

  • Budget development and oversight
  • Value engineering
  • Cost control
  • Subcontractor selection/management
  • Materials procurement
  • Quality control
  • Schedule development and oversight
  • Project phasing and logistical planning
  • Design management oversight
  • Sustainability management
  • Construction management oversight
  • Owner vendor management
  • Furniture fixtures and equipment (FFE) procurement
  • Relocation management
  • Commissioning oversight
  • Facility maintenance
  • Project closeout
  • Forensic accounting – billing, invoices, contracts etc.

Our 5-Star Reviews

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“Trustworthy contractor may seem like an oxymoron, and it may be in most cases, but that’s not the case with Graham Bruwer and his team at Bulson. These guys are professional, highly skilled and very adept at their work. I’ve been through more than a half a dozen of their job sites, at every stage of construction and completion, and I’ve never been less than impressed. From concept to handing over the keys, these guys will earn your allegiance by making your dreams for the perfect space come to fruition.”
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“Crew was super nice and very clean, especially with us living during a good portion of the project.”
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“Extremely accommodating and helpful bringing my ideas to life as something that works in real space.”

Exclusive Design-Build Consultation

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