Should I add an Island to my Kitchen?


As one of the top design-build contractors in LA, NYC, and Bulson, we’re often asked by our clients whether or not they should add an island to their kitchen. There are a few things to consider when making this decision.

Here are some benefits of adding an island to your kitchen:

1. An island can provide additional counter space for preparing meals.
2. It can also provide extra storage space for items such as pots and pans.
3. Islands can also be used as a breakfast bar or a place to eat quick meals.
4. They can provide a place to put small appliances such as a microwave or toaster oven.
5. Islands can also be used as a homework station for kids or a place to pay bills.
6. If you entertain often, an island can be used as a buffet for food or drinks.
7. They can also provide extra seating for guests.
8. And finally, islands can simply make your kitchen look more stylish and modern.

There are a couple things to keep in mind when deciding if an island is right for your kitchen:

1. The size of your kitchen

If you have a small kitchen, an island may not be the best option as it will take up valuable space that could be used for other things such as storage or prep area.

2. The layout of your kitchen

If your kitchen is oddly shaped or has limited walkways, an island may not work well in your space due to traffic flow concerns.

If you’re still undecided, we suggest giving us a call at 866-455-4568. We would be happy to come to take a look at your space and give you our professional opinion.

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