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When your bathtub needs to be replaced, there is only one company to call in Los Angeles and New York City: Bulson wants to hear from you!  We have been here since 2012, offering replacement bathtubs that will exceed your expectations without exceeding your budget.  Our artisan contractors will take care of your entire project so you can get back to what matters most! 

Your Los Angeles and New York City Replacement Bath

The stock appliances and fixtures in your Los Angeles and New York City home are not designed to last. If your cheap acrylic or fiberglass fixtures give out on you, or if you see any of the following telltale signs, it is a good idea to contact us:

  • Damaged or aging fixtures
  • Hard-to-clean surfaces
  • Cloudy or cracked finish
  • Mold or mildew
  • Rusting or mineralization
  • And much more!  Call us at 818.922.2345 for a free estimate!

Skilled Bath Installers in Los Angeles and New York City

Let our skilled professionals help you with peerless bathtub installation. At Bulson, we guarantee all of our work is performed by trained, insured professionals. When you hire inexperienced amateurs to work on your home, you are putting your property and family at risk.  Here are some of the advantages you can look forward to when you call us:

  • Over 10+ years  in business
  • Countless hours of experience for each member of our licensed renovation team
  • Master craftsmanship
  • Efficient service
  • Fully insured 
  • Call today at 818.922.2345!

Replacement Bath Styles

When it’s time to refresh your bath space, you have a huge variety of designs to choose from. Each kind of replacement bathtub has its advantages and disadvantages, so let us help you decide:

  • Combination bathtub and shower: A great bathroom remodel due to its sheer convenience, installing a combination tub and shower gives you the possibility to bathe in a deluxe tub, with the convenience to shower in case you are in a hurry! A fantastic balance of convenience and cozy comfort for your replacement bathtub.
  • Replacement baths: A popular method to freshen up your bath space is a replacement bath or shower. Combined with our holistic bathroom remodeling services, this can really brighten up the room!
  • Shower enclosures & custom showers: Build up to a custom-measured shower enclosure, to get more fun and enjoyment out of your wake-up routine. Stunning and customizable, our showers transform your property into a spa-like experience.
  • Custom baths: One part tub, part day spa, custom baths are an outstanding enhancement to your long-term home. Accessible and slip-resistant for families of all ages, custom baths future-proof your house for great years to come.

Why Bulson for Your Bathroom Contractor

Do not be fooled by companies that over-promise and under-deliver.  At Bulson, we have a full reviews page featuring homeowners from all over NYC. We want you to have confidence knowing that your bathroom contractor is trustworthy and dependable.

For a free consultation, simply call 818.922.2345 or fill out the form on this page.  Bulson wants to be your bathroom company in Los Angeles and New York City!

Our 5-Star Reviews

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“Trustworthy contractor may seem like an oxymoron, and it may be in most cases, but that’s not the case with Graham Bruwer and his team at Bulson. These guys are professional, highly skilled and very adept at their work. I’ve been through more than a half a dozen of their job sites, at every stage of construction and completion, and I’ve never been less than impressed. From concept to handing over the keys, these guys will earn your allegiance by making your dreams for the perfect space come to fruition.”
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“Crew was super nice and very clean, especially with us living during a good portion of the project.”
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“Extremely accommodating and helpful bringing my ideas to life as something that works in real space.”

Exclusive Design-Build Consultation

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